Tuesday, 12 April 2011

7th Woman Exclusive: Imagine Fashion presents 'Matchstick Girl'

Imagine Fashion Presents: "Matchstick Girl" Trailer from Imagine Fashion on Vimeo.

Imagine Fashion, the interactive fashion film platform, is getting in on the fairytale action that is sweeping both Hollywood and the catwalk and presenting their own aethereal yet dark interpretation of the Han's Christian Anderson's classic story'Matchstick Girl'.

The incredible thing about Imagine Fashion is that it manages to deliver content, products and fashion in an unsurpassed way never explored before. Being a fashion enthusiast, as we all are, I am sure you have sat through a 2 hour film in the cinema and spotted multiple dresses or separates that you would like to buy but don't know where from.

Imagine Fashion’s unique technology means that viewers can watch fashion films and explore exclusive fashion content but also click through to purchase featured garments. Instantly buy anything that catches the eye, or share and/or save items in a personalized, multi-functional favourites archive to view at a later date.
It seems that Imagine Fashion is about to change the world of fashion as we know it.Do you think you can handle it?
By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

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